Welcome to Colchester Iceni Divorced and Separated Club

The Iceni Divorced and Separated Club is run to help people re-establish a social life after the break-up of a long-standing relationship or bereavement of a partner. We organise various activities, weekly dances, social pub evenings, house parties, meals out, casual sports and day trips to kick start a renewed social life to help you make friends and enjoy activities with your new friends.

We are based in the Colchester area and cover the nearby surrounding villages.

We are not a dating agency, but if you are single, divorced, separated or alone because of bereavement or the break up of a long term relationship, we have arranged a programme of events to give you a new social life.

We are a non-profit making club run by volunteers.

Annual membership is £20 for the full year. This covers all the administration expenses and also gives you a magazine, delivered to you, called ‘Arena’. This gives you all the information about the club’s activities for you to enjoy.

Why don't you look at the events page to see what activities are happening in the near future and then contact us to arrange an introduction to our club?