Welcome to Iceni Divorced and Separated Club Colchester

The Iceni Divorced and Separated Club is run to help people re-establish a social life after the break-up of a long-standing relationship or bereavement of a partner. We organise various activities, weekly dances, social pub evenings, house parties, meals out, casual sports and day trips to kick start a renewed social life to help you make friends and enjoy activities with your new friends.

We are based in the Colchester area and cover the nearby surrounding villages.

We are not a dating agency, but if you are divorced, separated or alone because of bereavement or the break up of a long term relationship, we have arranged a programme of events to give you a new social life.

We are a non-profit making club run by volunteers.

Annual membership is £20.00. This covers all the administration expenses and also gives you a monthly magazine, delivered to your door, called ‘Arena’. This gives you all the information about the month’s activities for you to enjoy.

Next Event

The Dog & Pheasant Mile End Rd CO4 5EG Curry Night The cost is about £5.00 and includes a drink . This is very popular with the members to have a nice cheap night out with others. You don’t have to have curry they have other nice food after all you just need to get out somewhere and meet new people and gives you a chance to talk to others in the same situation as your self. The club was set up to help people who had just separated. Divorced or had lost there loved ones. Widow and widowers are welcome along with people who had lived together but did not marry. Temporary membership is £5 so you can come along for a month to various functions and if you find that the club is for you it is only £20 for the whole year. Contact Heather 01206 845844